Family tales and ancient traditions

A story from the past that narrates the future

“Larino (CB) late 1800s, tenacity, courage and Vincenzo Mammarella Senior, a self-made man with a “thick skin” who bets on that native cultivar that was so dear to him: the “ Gentile di Larino ”.
There would be quite a few things to say regarding it: “ Research and Development ", some would say today, while fixing the knot of their ties, but not us; we prefer talking about DON VINCENZO’s Extra virgin olive oil and the preserves of OUR GRANDMOTHER.

Today, just like our grandparents in the past, we still hand pick our olives during the harvest, and grind them within the first 10 hours of arrival at the mill, professing the "creed" of cold pressing as the only and indisputable extraction method capable of preserving the organoleptic qualities of the drupes unaltered as is our extra virgin olive oil.
In short, we like to say: picked and milled.

Extra virgin olive oil

The EVO is a monovariety oil obtained from the native variety of our land, the Gentile di Larino.

The Tomato

Tomatoes which are completely natural and carefully selected one by one in our field. They are processed according to tradition without any addition of dyes and preservatives.

The Pantry

The characteristic of our products is the craftsmanship with which we create and develop every single raw material with the ultimate goal of delighting your very delicate palates.

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