Family tales and ancient traditions

“Larino (CB) late 1800s, tenacity, courage and Vincenzo Mammarella Senior, a self-made man with a “thick skin” who bets on that native cultivar that was so dear to him: the “ Gentile di Larino ”.
There would be quite a few things to say regarding it: “ Research and Development ", some would say today, while fixing the knot of their ties, but not us; we prefer talking about DON VINCENZO’s Extra virgin olive oil and the preserves of OUR GRANDMOTHER.

Yes, it was she indeed, the grandmother, who guaranteed the supply chain by cultivating and transforming only what she had planted and it is for this reason that Vincenzo Mammarella Jr., the current custodian of this knowledge which has been handed down from generation to generation, has chosen not to turn his farm into a simple cannery but to respect the will and the strict discipline imposed by the grandmother at the time.
For the olive trees and vegetables we therefore adopt a completely natural cultivation, transforming only what we see growing in our fields, still ensuring the supply chain today. Buy to transform? Those who do so have no right to describe any products, because after all, they have never really had a product. "

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Indeed, we are at the end of the 1800s, when Vincenzo Mammarella Senior, a large far-sighted man, born in 1880, thanks to many sacrifices and an unshakable determination, manages to expand the farm of his father Pietro (another young man of the iron class of 1850) and decides to bet mainly on the production of oil.
There would be quite a few things to say regarding it but we would like to start with the most genuine anecdote that Vincenzo Mammarella Jr, the current custodian of this knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, would certainly mention if someone asked him to dig through his memories and speak about his farm, a polaroid shot of an era: "There was this huge elm, with a truly immense crown and under that tree a long table that seemed perpetually set, where we ate and laughed all together at lunch and dinner, family and collaborators ... for a child like me, it was something incredible "...


Some today would proudly speak of the so-called "taking the step", but great-grandfather Vincenzo, not possessing such notions, chose another word, sharper, harsher, but with an undeniable bond with innovation: mechanization. In 1952 we bought the first tractor, pack animals became an old memory and, for the first time, the "clanking" of the Om tractors 35-40, replaces the choral singing of the workers, which was used to mark time during the hard work in the fields. During the same year, with the purchase of a Caccialanza two-furrow plow and a Mc Cormick binding machine, the farm became one of the first mechanized farm in Italy, the great-grandfather had succeeded in his aim: to innovate


Rome March 20,1955 - an important day.
We are honoured with a productivity award by the Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Giuseppe Medici. His is the holographic signature on the photo document of inestimable sentimental value. Within the category of small hill farms, our farm ranks as the third best farm on a national level for the increase in productivity in relation to the year 1953-54.


We run the family olive groves following a recipe that foresees a harmonious combination between innovation and tradition, moving up the moment of harvest so as to ensure the integrity of the aromatic and phenolic components, professing the "creed" of cold pressing within the first 10 hours of the arrival of the drupes at the mill. We like to say: picked and milled.

We grow vegetables by adopting a very strict internal disciplinary, the result is a completely natural cultivation. How is it possible? All cultivation operations are carried out by hand. Imagine a 160 meter long furrow with 1000 tomato plants, for each of these there is one of our collaborators who, equipped with patience and experience, one plant at a time, uproots the weeds by hand (so-called weeding), everything else is water, sun and wind.

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